Job Description:

  • We believe, for building a truly world-class product, interaction and user experience plays a pivotal role. As apps get smarter, and better optimized for usability and delight, organizations depends on front-end masters to come up with best-in-class interfaces.

We hope you’ve got

  • You have a strong command over the latest frameworks like React, Vue or Angular.
  • You know how a simple HTML is rendered as an interactive page.
  • You know what it takes to make something work on different browsers.
  • You know the relationship that exists between the client and the server.
  • You obsess over optimization, time-to- content, loading the bare JS essentials.
  • You have relevant work experience of at least 4 years.

Bringing The Experience To Life Means

  • Understand the vision of interactions: It all starts from here, understanding the vision of the designer and the role it plays on the experience is critical.
  • Prototypes for communication: Prototyping the experience to effectively communicate the intent of the final outcome.
  • Perfecting the outcome: Diligently fine-tuning the outcome to polish for a better result.