Job Description

  • We need engineers who can build solutions
  • Part subscription billing educators, part recurring revenue consultants, and part the organization advocates, the Support team bridges the gap between the solution that the organization is building and the problem that the world is solving with it. Bringing a technical understanding to support, customer solution engineers help customers get the most value can they can out of the organization

We hope you’ve got

  • An impeccable set of communication skills.
  • People skills. You will be a customer’s window.
  • The patience to see a problem through, even if a solution doesn’t always seem possible.
  • The flexibility to make sure there’s always someone for a customer to chat with.
  • Between two and five years of experience either building a product or working in customer support.

On a typical day, you might

  • Grapple with support tickets
  • Engage with the product and engineering teams
  • Research new developments in SaaS and SaaS products
  • Give the customer perspective a voice