Role & Responsibilities:

·  Leading Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Infrastructure Administration, Secretarial and Sourcing functions in India-

Helping USIS CFO & GT Lead for GIC in achieving business targets by review of all business areas and recommending possible options/actions while also further assisting in execution-

Being a vital member of the leadership team, providing valuable inputs in evaluating & deciding various business issues-

Working closely with the company US Finance and Legal teams concerning companies priorities, processes, reporting requirements and policies-

Managing cash flow chain with best in class efficiency and investing surpluses in safe avenues as per Company policies (while also leading changes to the plans, whenever needed)-

Reviewing financial performance, investment proposals, sourcing proposals, product price changes and new initiatives keeping in mind the best long-term interests of the Company-

Analysing various parts of the business from growth potential and cost efficiencies point of view; highlighting multiple issues from time to time and championing redressal of these issues during the annual planning exercises-

Establishing and optimising intercompany transactions to cover costs and enable growth of capabilities over time-

Leading budgeting and planning exercises, leading to identification and fixation of critical initiatives (growth, efficiency and profit drivers) and then supporting achievement of these financial targets-

Creating a robust framework of internal controls and corporate governance practices; further ensuring that relevant policies & procedures are in place and fully complied.

Ensuring that internal and statutory audits of the company are effective and adequate to meet the Statutory, Board, Audit Committee and Operational requirements of the Company-

Ensuring Accounting as per Ind AS and US (US GAAP/GAAS) requirements-

Overseeing compliance with TransUnion requirements relating to

·  US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Approval of Payments to Foreign Governments Officials policies, and Quarterly Disclosures Questionnaire-

Representing the Company with Bankers, Tax Authorities, Auditors, Shareholders, Customers, Lawyers and Business Advisors / Consultants -

for compliance, business relationships, negotiations, contracts and any clarifications-

Ensuring that all Commercial Taxes (Income Tax, DDT, GST, etc.) are paid and in time; with no loss of any benefits allowed under rules and compliance with all the documents & return-related requirements-

Supporting Audit Committee regarding Related Party Transactions identification, recording, approvals and reviews-

Mitigating financial risks of the Company-

Ensuring all Hardware, Software, Projects and Consumables are sourced at best possible cost, for the desired specifications and quality-

Providing an excellent working office environment to the employees-

Ensuring that subordinates have proper and adequate development, training and job enrichment /rotational opportunities to keep the team highly competent and motivated at all times-


·  CA / CPA / CWA / MBA (Finance) / ICFA

Minimum 20 years of related experience in most of the above areas, with a reputed medium / large Organization, with demonstrated performance and results in Essential Competencies:

·  Highly analytical mind, ability to see trends, and knack to seek solutions-

High level of integrity and strong empathy-

High positive energy and passion for making the difference, both to business and people-

Sharp eye on numbers and ability to put a value to various critical decisions-

Knowledge of all areas of the role and a clear view of the emerging functional imperatives-

Understanding the business imperatives and performance drivers-

Clarity in thinking and ability to back suggestions with data-

Experience to be able to model internal controls to evolving business needs & progress-

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills-

Ability to deal with and communicate clearly with International colleagues & external advisors-

Strong knowledge and experience to be able to lead, motivate and develop the team


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