• The candidiate should be able to run packaged deep learning code - written in pytorch, tensorflow, yolo, opencv
  • Integration:
  • Knowing c# .net desktop/ui application development is a must. 
  • Knowledge on integrating third-party DLL libraries in .net project.
  • Candidate should write memory-efficient codes because large video and images will be streamed across the network and will be processed sequentially and in parallel. This code will run forever, so coding practices need to be very good to write Memory, Disk IO and CPU efficient codes and developer must have the understanding on background services which can go inactive or paused mode.
  • The candidate should know HTTP APIs development in python (Flask, Tornado)
  • The candidate should also know how to package code and create executables/binaries in the python code and c# code.
  • Developer should be very efficient in writing Thread based code and parallelism codes


  • Candidate must have a very clear understanding of network protocols - HTTP, tcp (sockets), RTSP (streaming)
  • Images will be streamed over the network so this developer should also be comfortable in creating own data streaming strategies over a network if required.
  • IoT (ports) -- Good To have
  • Serial Port, USB Port, HDMI port reading writing from python or C#
  • Low-level code -- Good To have
  • Should know basics in low-level coding on strings, objects, bytes, integers using binary operators.

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