1. Ensuring Governance calls with the stakeholders periodically

2. Tracking the Financial Management / Billing/ action plan and ensuring that are followed up and executed

3. Organizing Monthly Functional Review Meeting for each of the Service Verticals and track action plan.

4. Helping the Centre Head to manage the operating goals and work with operation team to provide an update on a monthly basis

5. Involved in the RFP process, Vendor selection and Vendor management apart from Project management

6. Managing the Service Request from Stakeholders.

7. Project management of new transitions - on time and on cost. Raising flags and identifying risks and possible issues before they occur.

8. Managing Stakeholder visits and meetings/calls and preparing the presentation and helping in logistics for the same.

9. Monitoring the external resourcing and help Operation heads on timely filling the vacant positions.

10. Communications support - Helping to promote the progress through intranet portal

11. Managing the team members and being responsible for their career growth and success