Linux System Administrator

Required Skills

  • 4 years of Certified Linux administration experience
  • Expert at configuring, upgrade and troubleshooting SLES 12, Redhat, CentOS and Ubuntu versions of GNU/Linux
  • Expertise in Linux Virtualization(LVM)
  • Expertise in managing/administering Linux Cluster environment
  • Strong experience with current VMware ESXi and vCenter
  • Experience in handling SMTP, Syslog, HTTP and DNS management
  • Execute change requests and troubleshoot systems incidents to provide the maximum customer uptime
  • Analyze and provide root cause analysis report for any technical issues

Experience Required

  • Able to lead troubleshooting, optimization, and performance tuning of applications, databases, and Unix systems
  • Possess experience in Linux cluster (corosync, heartbeat, pacemaker, etc)
  • Strong knowledge of Internet services, systems monitoring and management, and open source
  • Expertise in OS hardening, performance and kernel tuning
  • Experience in data center management.
  • Hands on security of data, network access and backup systems.
  • Experience installing, configuring, and debugging ESXi and vCenter
  • Strong monitoring experience. Experience in writing custom scripts to perform custom monitoring
  • Strong general automation skills. This includes scripting, automated monitoring, and automated VM deployments
  • Ability to perform 24x7x365 on-call duty with other systems team members
  • Strong documentation skills

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing development, testing and production VM and physical server environments
  • Configuring servers, storage, networking, services, and applications for HA (High Availability)
  • Automating and improving existing processes
  • Managing capacity, designing systems architecture and performing technology refreshes
  • Configuring custom monitoring of applications
  • Ability to provide support to customers in a complex datacenter environment
  • Excellent verbal, written and analytical skills
  • Ability to work well in team environment